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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 11, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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part of the problem or part of the solution. well, regrettably, president obama has become part of the problem and mitt romney is the solution. every generation of americans leaves their children better off. that's the american legacy. sadly, for the first time in our history we are on a path which will undo that legacy. that is why we need new leadership to become part of the solution. new leadership to restore pros prer perity, economic growth and jobs. we have a critical choice to make as a nation. we are on an unsustainable path that is robbing america of our freedom and security. it doesn't have to be this way. the commitment mitt romney and i make to you is this. we won't duck the tough issues.
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we will lead. >> we won't blame others. we will take responsibility. [ applause ] and we won't replace our founding principles. we will re-apply them. that's what we will do. we can turn this thing around. we can. we can turn this thing around, real solutions can be delivered, but it will take leadership and the courage to tell you the truth. mitt romney is this kind of leader. i'm excited for what lies ahead. i am thrilled to be a part of
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america's comeback team and together we will unite america and get this done! thank you! thank you very much. >> so where does congressman ryan stand on the issues? he's most known for his conservative budget principles. in july 2009 he proposed the road map for america's future, an economic plan that would end medicare as we know it and privatize social security. at first he got criticism from his own party because republicans worried it would scare away senior voters. former republican house speaker newt gingrich called it right-wing social engineering, end quote, but romney has become the darling of tea party supporters. ryan who is a catholic voted to ban federal health coverage of aborti abortion. on economic, he's a leading gop voice on the obama administration and he voted no on the president's stimulus plan. he took on congress on the affordable care act. on guns he is backed by the nra
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and he voted to decrease the gun-buying waiting period from three days to one day. on privacy, he voted to have ooh on and on defense he voted to send america to war in iraq and then voted against ending the war in afghanistan. >> the obama campaign is also reacting to today's announcement that congressman paul ryan has been picked to be his running mate. jessica, what is the campaign saying about ryan? >> reporter: hi, fredericka. first of all, from now on when you hear the word ryan from people on the obama team expect them to be using the phrase romney-ryan budget. that is the phrase they'll use from now until november. in a statement released today, jim mess ina said, in naming congressman paul ryan mitt romney has chosen a leader of the house republicans who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy while
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placing greater burdens on the middle class and seniors will somehow deliver a stronger economy. the obama campaign believes that the ryan pick only underscores the narrative that the obama campaign has been driving for months and that mitt romney is trying to drive up, reduce taxes on the wealthy and put more burdens on the middle class. they think there pick only helps their message. >> jessica, jim acosta reported not long ago that vice president biden made a congratulatory phone call to paul ryan. at the same time the statement comes out from the obama campaign, it sounds a little conflicting, is it not? >> reporter: no. that's typical -- that's not unusual in politics. it's a gracious thing for one opponent to reach out to the other. the vice president's statement said i urged congressman to enjoy the day with his family
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and looked forward to engage him on the clear choice voters face this november. have a good day today because the vice president will be taking him on on how his budget affects seniors, women, that trend, students and the middle class starting tomorrow. >> so clearly, the obama white house or the re-election campaign will be using this to their advantage and underscoring all of those things as it pertains to the woman vote, the senior vote, the independent vote. >> reporter: yea. i would say it's -- they see benefits for them. this is their point of view. for women because, for example, he's voted to defund planned parenthood and not just seniors obviously because of medicare, veterans and students because there are cuts to student loan programs and they'll find other constituencies to campaign to and then again, lashing mitt romney to all of these other issues. the other piece of it is this now makes the debate very
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clearly about these big issues, about entitlement reform, tax reform and the fiscal cliff we're facing instead of silly things like obama, and romneyhood. the romney campaign thinks it helps them. >> you have a nice, big, gardening project that looks like is unfolding behind you there. >> they've been doing this for more than a year for a while. there's a rehab going on here at the white house. >> it is particularly pronounced today. jessica yellin, thanks so much at the white house. romney and ryan are already hard at work. we hit the campaign trail with them next.iu steak. let's see what people think. it's a steak-over. it's juicy. it's tender. it seems like it just melts in my mouth. that's a nice steak. only one in five steaks is good enough to be called walmart choice premium beef. you are eating walmart steaks. really? this is fabulous. the steak is excellent. i'm gonna go to walmart and bring it here. [ laughter ] walmart choice premium steak.
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make it matter. mitt romney and his new running mate are going right to work, launching a bus tour and they're in virginia, holding the third event of the day in the town of manassas. jim acosta is with the running mates. he talked to me about the parallels between the two men. >> reporter: paul ryan came out on stage and delivered his speech and then his wife and children joined him by his side along with mitt and ann romney. you saw sort of the present and the future of the republican
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party, and mitt romney symbolizing the president and ryan symbolizing the future of his party and those images are ones that the campaign would like to see out there and earlier this afternoon i can tell you, fredericka when we were going up interstate 95, and the ryan children and the romney grandchildren were playing together in the romney bus and they were learning how to make mitt romney's favorite sandwich of peanut butter and honey and they were doing bus suffering, whatever that is, we are told by the campaign. it's one of those lighter moments that the campaign wants the public to see. they want to see this image that they can put up against what is a very impressive image from a stage crafting standpoint. the president, his wife and their two beautiful daughters. that's obviously very warm and very american picture of the presidency. >> yea. >> reporter: the ryan-romney
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image they're putting out i would say that's equally the case and that's part of what you're seeing today, fredericka. >> vice president joe biden actually calling to congratulate ryan this morning. biden says he's looking forward to engaging ryan in what he's looking forward to engage him in a clear vote voters face. president obama's lead is growing. obama now leads romney by seven points, 52% to 45%, that's according to a new cnn/orc poll. some bad news for romney. his unfavorable numbers has gone up 6% with registered voters. it's believed some of those troubling numbers had something to do with those negative ads that have been put out by groups supporting the obama campaign, but mitt romney is solidifying some support. in may, only 47% of romney voters said they were strongly behind him. that has jumped to 56% and as
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you can see, obama's numbers have not changed that much at all. in other news, hillary clinton is in turkey, talking about syria, but we'll tell you who she's meeting with and what's on the table. [ male announcer ] this is the at&t network. in here, every powerful collaboration is backed by an equally powerful and secure cloud. that cloud is in the network, so it can deliver all the power of the network itself. bringing people together to develop the best ideas -- and providing the apps and computing power to make new ideas real.
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u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is in turkey discussing the deadly violence in syria and meeting with turkish leaders and syrian opposition activists. >> look for ways to support those on the ground without making the suffering worse. there's a very clear understanding about the need to end this conflict quickly, but not doing it in a way that produces even more deaths, injuries and destruction. >> so far today, at least 51 people have been killed around the country of syria. in iran, two strong earthquakes jolted the northwestern part of the country and at least 87 people have been killed and 600 injured. the quakes measured 6.4 and 6.3. rescue teams have been sent to affected areas. some power and telephone lines are also down. >> closer to home, a new report
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blames drivers for a deadly multi-car crash on florida's interstate 75 back in january, if you recall. 11 people died and 46 others were injured after heavy fog and smoke played a pretty good role in that collision. in the report the florida highway patrol said, quote, despite the presence of fog/smoke warning signs some drivers did not take proper precautions and slow their speeds to prepare for reduced visibility, end quote. police have since recommended changes that approve training and better communication with the national weather service. >> back to the race for presidency, mitt romney makes his choice for vice president. how did he come to this decision? we'll hear from the woman in charge of romney's v.p. selection committee. no you don't, honey. yes, you do! don't! i've washed a few cupcake tins in my day... oh, so you're a tin expert now. is that... whoa nelly! hi, kitchen counselor here. he's actually right... with cascade complete.
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presumptive presidential nominee mitt romney is hitting the campaign trail today with his new running mate, congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. they just wrapped up a rally in ashland, virginia. ryan told voters this is the time for a romney presidency. >> we see that hope and change has become attack and blame, but
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we know better and being here in this great state of virginia, a state that those of us who are all americans are in debt to, the cradle of so many of our great founders, one of the best said our rights come from nature and nature's god. they don't come from government. that's the idea of this country. >> we believe in liberty. we believe in freedom and we need to exercise it and each generation has its chance. this is our generation's defining moment. it doesn't matter what generation you come from, this is the most important election in your lifetime. we are at that proverbial fork in the road, and so what we have here is a man who has met and is right for the moment and that man who is right for this moment to get us on the right path off
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of the wrong path is the man who is about to be the next president of the united states and that is governor mitt romney. >> there are apparently a lot of people asking who is paul ryan except for the washington political scene, many know a lot about him. outside of wisconsin, some say he's little known. ryan is from janesville, a small town between milwaukee madison. he is best known for his knowledge of the u.s. budget. he is the republicans' leader on fiscal matters including developing his controversial road map for america's future which would drastically change the medicare program and privatize social security. on capitol hill ryan represents wisconsin's first congressional district, a conservative-leaning swing district that voted for both republicans and democrats for president. now in his seventh term he was first elected in 1998 at the age of 28. he is currently the chairman of the house budget committee and serves on the powerful ways and
3:22 pm
means committee that writes tax law. he is catholic and opposes abortion. he graduated from miami university in ohio which sits in house speaker's john boehner's congressional district and he is married and his three children. so why did mitt romney choose paul ryan and how did he come to this decision? our chief political analyst gloria borger found out and she spoke exclusively to the woman in charge of the selection committee for mitt romney earlier this week and here's their discussion. >> you've been very involved. >> yea. >> in the vetting and the process of choosing a vice presidential running mate which is very, very important. it's the first chance people get to look at how a president makes decisions. so what is it about the process of choosing a vice president? what does that tell us about how mitt romney makes decisions? >> well, that's something i
3:23 pm
learned working with him as chief of staff at the governor's office for four years that there is a way, he is very methodical in making his decisions and what he wants is a couple of things. first of all, he wants all of the information and we went about a very thorough process in making sure that we had a lot of information about a broad group. he also doesn't like to rule anything out until he has to. the first swathe was brought. we got a good cut of information about a lot of people and he then narrowed it down and we got even more information, we got personal information from each of the potential candidates and at that point again, we had some attorneys look through and go through everybody's record to make sure that there was -- i didn't want to miss anything about them, and then mitt took these candidate dossiers and he thought about them. he read all of them word for word. i had talked with each of the
3:24 pm
candidates personally. he's obviously been campaigning with a lot of the folks that he was considering and he read the dossiers and we narrowed it down once again and we did, you know, an even more deep dive on them and then gave him the final product and he's thinking about it now. >> does he solicit your advice? >> he solicits the advice of a small group of his advisors, but then he asks, i think, everybody he meets, what's your thought on this. >> he listens? sort of people you wouldn't think that he'd ask about it. he talks to -- he calls friends from all walks of his life, all across the country wanting to know what they think. he listens to that, but i haven't told him -- i -- i have not shared with him my opinion because i think it's important that i'm the objective -- >> so it's his comfort level
3:25 pm
with someone. >> yea. >> and his feeling that person's qualified to be president. >> yes. absolutely. i mean, obviously, his first qualification is that the person is qualified to be president and perceived to be qualified to be president. >> gloria borger joining us live now from washington. interesting there, beth meyers saying mitt romney read all of the dossiers, front to back, word for word and then they narrowed it down, and then i'm wondering if she's saying that it was mitt romney who narrowed it down and said this is going to be my guy or by way of committee did they make -- >> there is no committee. there is no committee. the truth of the matter is if there was a committee it would kind of be beth meyers, maybe mitt romney, maybe ann romney. this was really, really closely held. as beth meyers said there, i think it's his management style. he goes through and looks at the data.
3:26 pm
he's a data-driven person, as we all know, looks at all of the data and then solicits advice and as george bush famously said, he's the decider. so i think that's what happened in this case, and i think in the case of paul ryan, fredericka, what he did is he made a bold decision that lots of people didn't expect him to make because, quite honestly, it's risky. it's a very risky discussion because what it does is it crystallizes this campaign, polarizes to a great degree. it makes the competing visions between obama and romney that much clearer and while it will galvanize the republican base, there is a down side here because independent voters, senior citizens, for example, could be -- could be turned off by paul ryan and his -- and his budget plan. >> so you mentioned some pretty powerful words there. he could be risky and it does offer a distinction.
3:27 pm
>> it does underscore that the selection of the running mate is indeed, probably the most important decision that a man or woman running for president could make. >> well, what it does is it just tells you about the person at the top of the ticket more than anything else. so in this particular case i think what we can read into it is that the romney campaign and the candidate himself believed that just saying the economy is bad, the economy is bad, the economy is bad wasn't going to be enough to get him across the finish line, that they needed to do something different. something more proactive to define a vision, and i think what they're doing is they're saying let's take the longview here. let's look at how we get our fiscal house in order and we look at the bigger problems which are how do you save medicare? how do you save social security for our children and our
3:28 pm
grandchildren? and let's have that debate. yes, we will continue to gripe about the slow economic recovery, but i think they want to have something more proactive and positive to run on as an agenda. >> all right, gloria borger, thanks so much for bringing that to us. a very insightful process in selecting a running mate. all right. president barack obama and mitt romney are all really taking technology fairly seriously in trying to get your vote. ways the presidential candidates are going more digital next opinion are you serious? [siri] yes i'm not allowed to be frivolous. ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick? [siri] here's rick. oh, no that's not rick. now, how's the traffic headed downtown? [siri] here's the traffic. ah, it's terrible, terrible! driver, driver! cut across, cut across, we'll never make it downtown this way. i like you siri, you're going places. [siri] i'll try to remember that.
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. presumptive republican nominee announced his pick, he used an app to name paul ryan as his vice presidential running mate. lori segal is here to tell us more about this. in the 2008 campaign we saw a great use of technology and now we're seeing it's taken a new turn approximately tell us more about mitt romney's v.p. app. >> you say unconventional. it's very unconventional to make a new announcement like this and do it completely through a smartphone, but mitt romney said this is how we'll make our vice presidential announcement so download the app. you'll get a push notification. so a lot of people downloaded the app for the notification. they said you will know this before the media. so what this did is it allowed a lot of people to give their personal information from the romney campaign.
3:33 pm
you put in a lot of your information, your e-mail, that kind of stuff and that's all very valuable, as you can imagine to the campaign and it allows you to follow mitt romney to twitter and it allows you to donate to the campaign if you're interested in that and be the first to know. that's their selling point. were you the first to know through the push notification? i think the cat got out of the bag a little bit. sources spoke to the media. people had it on the back and that kind of thing. it didn't exactly work as they had planned, but the idea that they were going to make this announcement completely through a smartphone app was innovative and showed they have a commitment to technology. >> mitt romney not the only one with an app. the obama campaign came out with one, what's new or different? >> obama came out with one right around the time that romney came out with one. obama obama'sall is all about location, but it does ask to
3:34 pm
access your location. you can download the app and see where you can go vote in your area. you can see how obama has -- what he thinks about issues in your community that directly affect you like education and health care. and the major thing that he did is he connected that app to dashboard and what dashboard allows you to do is it allows you to turn your smartphone into a political organization tool. >> they have a map of all of the houses in the neighborhood and voter information. i can go knock on those doors and tell them to vote for obama and talk to them about the campaign and what's happening. i can send all of that information back to the obama campaign. so it definitely shows the power of location. a little bit creepy that you can see the places around you and voter information. i think they got heat about that, but definitely interesting to collecting data. >> is there anything to be, can you look in your crystal ball, will there be game-changing apps in this election? >> you know, we started out about six months ago asking
3:35 pm
people that have been in previous campaigns this very question and the one thing we came up with and it doesn't sound that sexy, but the one thing everyone kept saying was data. the game changing app will be data. you have facebook information and all of the stuff you collect on the smart phone. how they will use liez that data, in 2008, he was a former google guy. he created google chrome which a lot of us use. he created a personalization platform, and essentially when you went to my barack obama in 2008 and that was completely different and they reacted to different colors and different messages and they raised an extra $75 million for the campaign. he is no longer with the campaign and he commercialized that technology. so anyone can use it. here's the kicker. now romney and obama are using that and it's anyone's game.
3:36 pm
it's how everyone wants to use this data. >> no longer the future. >> for more on the story go to every saturday at this time we bring you information on new technology and how it impacts your life. up america, tea time in london. tips from a local.
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it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology.
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we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. hello. while in london attending the olympics with my dad and brother
3:39 pm
we took in local culture. we met up with kate maxwell at at a trendy tea parlor like no other and we learned about etiquette and the native hot beverage. >> taking in all of these olympic events is rather exhausting. we've been to the very exciting men's gymnastics and we've taken in the party scene, beach volleyball, and so my brother lonnie, my dad, 1948 gold medalist mal whitfield right here, we decided we need a little break and we'll kick up our heels a little bit. what do you say? say it's tea time. it's 4:00. >> hey there, kate. how are you? >> good to see you. kate maxwell and finally we see each other in person, and we have to come all of the way to london to have tea. >> i'm kate. mr. whitfield, pleasure to meet you. let me tell you about the
3:40 pm
history of tea. you think about it being this quint essential edge linglish t when he mare reried a portugues woman. and it made a social custom in the hid-1800s and there's an interesting story behind this and this was when gaslighting was invented and the english had dinner a bit later in the evening when they could eat when it was dark so they were quite a bit hungry, so they had breakfast and then the meal and the duchess became rather faint in the afternoon and she created this custom of having tea and snacks. >> a little pick me up. >> the sandwich was named after the fourth earl of sandwich and legend goes that he was playing cards and he wanted a snack so he asked his butler, his man servant to put a piece of meat
3:41 pm
between two slices of bread. so he didn't get his hands greasy by picking up meat. so he could continue to play cards and so that was adopted, the name was adopted, the sandwich was adopted and that was the story behind that and i'm hoping we'll have some sandwiches. >> great. >> we also have a tea menu. >> my favorite tea is a very smoky tea. earl gray, obviously is the classic british tea. dodging, you might be familiar with. >> what are you going to try? >> my favorite is jasmine pearl and i'll go by your recommendation by what you're having. they have an organic laksang. >> and it did have a smoky flavor, almost like drinking smoked salmon, but it was good. let me not turn you off and i'll bring you another edition of tea time with kate maxwell and reasons why holding that pinky
3:42 pm
up and the positioning of your spoon, and very specific places at the table. also another peek at cool tea parlors when in london. it was very fun. by the way, here's a question for you, why is a nun doing time behind bars? we'll show you how she's actually changing the lives of so many mothers serving time.
3:43 pm
>> one of the worst droughts in the last half century has taken a serious toll on the mississippi river. as the river level drops so does barge traffic. some have already run aground in the shallow water. others are having to carry lighter loads in order to navigate the river. both will impact the prices of
3:44 pm
goods shipped along the mississippi and that means a lot of things. the river is expected to keep dropping until september. >> officials are still trying to figure out what caused a massive sink hole to open up in a louisiana bayou. 150 residents of assumption parish were forced to evacuate when this sinkhole began to actually grow. they've been told they won't be allowed to return to their homes for at least another month. the sink hole roughly the size of a football field is more than 20 feet deep in one corner. this week's cnn hero is from new york where more than 10,000 children are growing up with their mothers locked up behind bars. sister tessa fitzgerald is helping thousands of female women behind bars start new lives. her strategy? love. ♪ >> across our nation there are thousands of mothers behind
3:45 pm
bars. i've never met a woman inside that said, gee, i'm going to go out and mess up again. >> what's your lesson you learned here? >> not to ever come back. >> the depth of her guilt was what she's done to this child is unbelievable and they want to do everything that make it right, but they're always unsure whether it's really going to work. >> i'm sister tessa fitzgerald and i happily work with incarcerated mothers to keep their families together and to rebuild their lives. when women come out of prison, they're so vulnerable. >> i don't have money and i don't have a job and it feels like there's no way out. >> a home is the part that will make their life possible. >> so good to see you. how are you? you're back home. >> we give a lot of love and a lot of support around her is a community who has seen growth and change. >> trust me, it's going to be
3:46 pm
all right. >> over time, broken bonds have been mended and there can now be a wholeness to their life. >> hi. it's kelly from the mentoring program. >> i was a crackhead. >> i gave birth while i was still incarcerated. i just didn't know how i was going to save my life. >> sister didn't just save me. she saved my entire family. she made me proud of who i am today. >> when i start seeing that take place in the women that i've worked with and i love. >> very proud of you. >> that makes it all worthwhile. >> remember, all of our heroes come from your nomination, so if you have someone that you'd like to tell us about, you need to go to she's legally blind and she's an olympian and now she's using that drive to help children with visual disabilities live their dreams as well. you'll meet her coming up. mom: ready to go to work?
3:47 pm
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there was some olympic drama today but it actually had to do with the 2004 games. the international olympic committee said today they are stripping u.s. cyclist tyler hamilton of the gold medal that he won in the 2004 athens games. the ioc says it is disqualifying him from his events because he admitted to doping. hamilton made headlines last year when he accused fellow cyclist lance armstrong of doping. a famous journalist once said if sports don't build character they reveal it. he could have been talking about marla runyon. in 2000 she became the first legally blind athlete to compete in the olympic games. today she is inspiring young children with visual
3:51 pm
impairments. here is cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta with the human factor. >> good morning! >> reporter: every day at camp abilities starts the same way, with care to share. >> seven more shots on the basketball court last night including three in a row. >> i did my first back flip on the rings at gymnastics. >> reporter: all of these children are visually impaired and they've come to camp abilities for a one-week developmental sports camp. their inspiration this year is marla runyon, who was diagnosed with a form of juvenile onset macular degeneration. she was diagnosed when she was just 9 years old. >> we all know, i mean for everybody whether you're sighted or not, you know, physical exercise activities, sports, think about what a role that plays in your life. running became my choice of sport after i kind of abandoned
3:52 pm
soccer and had such trouble seeing the ball obviously so i went out and ran high school track. >> boy, could runyan run. she turned pro after college eventually becoming the first legally blind athlete to compete in the olympic games. runyan said she was able to reach her full potential by competing against the best athletes in the world and now is giving these campers their first taste of competitive sports. >> it's all about empowering kids and teaching them what they can do and giving them opportunities that they are not otherwise available to them at public school or after school programs. >> reporter: there's lot to choose from. sports like beat baseball, goal ball. they learn to ride bikes. practice judo. and, of course, run track. >> when my vision changed, but my desire to be in sports never changed, so i just stuck with it. just like the camp's mantra
3:53 pm
says, "a loss of sight doesn't have to mean a loss of vision." >> our motto for camp ability is "believe you can!" >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. on to venezuela now allegations of an american spy caught there. why some believe president hugo chavez's claims are bogus.
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3:55 pm
venezuelan president hugo chavez is making bold accusations against the u.s. he says police in his country arrested an american spy. but there is reason to believe chavez may be blowing smoke. brian todd explains. >> reporter: from a u.s. antagonist known for his paranoia a provocative claim. veinsan president hugo chavez riles up the crowd at a campaign event, says his security forces have captured an american citizen illegally crossing into his country he says from colombia. and that's not all. >> his passport that he tried to destroy when he was caught and other things he carried had evidence of entries and departures in the last few years from iraq, afghanistan, libya. also this individual has the appearance of a mercenary. and we are interrogating him. >> chavez says his captive also tried to destroy a notebook full of coordinates.
3:56 pm
he described the person as an american citizen of hispanic origin. we pressed the venezuelan embassy in washington repeatedly for a name, any other information on the person or what they believe he was doing. we got no response. a u.s. government source tells u.s. us officials are operating on the assumption that chavez's forces have someone in custody. the source says u.s. officials have reached out to the veins n venezuelan government but received no information. u.s. officials also don't have a name the source says and they view with suspicion chavez's claim that the person has the appearance of a mercenary. >> if you go on google and you google chavez and say hugo chavez accuses, you're going to get 5,500,000 hits. he is a serial accuser. >> analyst ken robinson is a former u.s. special forces officer who conducted operations in latin america and is familiar with intelligence matters there. he says chavez could be exaggerating or making this up completely to play to supporters in an election year. robinson says it's possible the
3:57 pm
person if he exists could have been working for an oil company or contractor legitimately serving the situation in venezuela. but he also says spy operations aren't out of the question. >> the u.s. concern in venezuela is its sponsorship of terrorist groups. the farc that live in colombia use sanctuary of the venezuelan border to conduct operations. >> robinson says if the person is a spy or mercenary he is probably a bad one. a good spy wouldn't be carrying an american passport with iraq, afghanistan, and libya stamped on it he says and wouldn't be obvious about carrying a notebook with coordinates. brian todd, cnn, washington. hello again. you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. mitt romney and his newly announced running mate aren't wasting any time hitting the campaign trail. just a few hours after introducing wisconsin
3:58 pm
congressman paul ryan as his vice presidential running mate the presumptive republican ticket is making its case to voters in virginia. right now they are in virginia getting ready to hold their third event of the day, a rally in the town of manassas. cnn's national political correspondent jim acosta is on the way to manassas on the press bus there. jim, what's the message romney and ryan are holding on to? >> well, we've seen a lot of messages today from the romney/ryan ticket. we can now call it that starting this morning where mitt romney really threw down the gauntlet to the obama campaign and said this is not going to be about a personal attack in this campaign. it's going to be about the issues. and they started to get into some of those issues. paul ryan of course took the stage and talked about the need to cut the national debt in this country. and then fredricka some of that we saw at the second event in ashland, virginia which was very interesting, they started to sharpen their rhetoric on the obama campaign on the president.
3:59 pm
we saw paul ryan introduce mitt romney and say, talking about the economy, it doesn't have to be this way. we can do better. and then mitt romney got on stage and at one point basically warned the crowd, warned republicans that the attacks are going to be coming from democrats to get ready for these attacks coming from democrats aimed at paul ryan and it was something that he had described as getting dragged down in the dirt. so mitt romney sort of is preparing republicans for the onslaught that will be coming. we're on our way to the third and final event of the day. mitt romney and paul ryan will take the stage in manassas in the voter rich section of northern virginia. this is the key battleground of the state of virginia. if one of these campaigns is going to emerge victorious here they're going to have to win northern virginia. and i think, fredrickfredricka, start to see paul ryan come into his own as a candidate on this ticket. tomorrow both of these men will be going on to north carolina for a coupl


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